ECO-QUEST: An Educational Game Designed to Impart Knowledge About Ecological Practices and Selective Waste Management

Araujo, D. F. de A., Porcino T., Deus, L. C. J., Filho, V. S. (2023)

Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2023

This study delves into the role of gamification in bolstering environmental education, particularly with regard to addressing the challenges associated with solid waste management. The research proposes the development of an educational game as a pedagogical tool for educators, with the objective of facilitating meaningful and impactful learning experiences within the school community. Through an interactive and playful approach, the game seeks to sensitize students to the intrinsic importance of selective waste collection and recycling, thereby fostering environmental awareness and promoting behavioral changes. The game’s design adheres to the Game Design Document (GDD) methodology, while the project’s requirements are defined employing the Startup Business Model Canvas methodology. In summary, the overarching aim of this research is to seamlessly integrate environmental education into schools by harnessing the potential of digital technology to foster sustainability in a manner that is both engaging and effective.