We are a 100% Brazilian technology-based company, founded by professionals with a strong background in the development of innovative and technologically impactful software. At Metta, our purpose is to provide our clients with access to the most innovative and suitable technologies to drive their businesses.

Innovation with Purpose:

We believe that true innovation only happens when it is directed towards a purpose. At Metta, we transform new technologies into tangible value for the strategic processes of our clients. Your success is our motivation.

Proven Expertise:

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with proven expertise. Our track record is marked by the development of software solutions that exceed expectations, adding real value to our clients’ businesses.

Agile Methodologies:

We embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement and extensively apply agile methodologies in our management processes, product development, and service delivery. This allows us to be adaptable and ensure efficient and expectation-aligned deliveries.

Talent Team:

At Metta, we believe that an exceptional team is the foundation of success. Our team consists of highly talented professionals, not only technically competent but also creative, collaborative, committed, and highly productive. We are united by a common passion: driving innovation and achieving extraordinary results.



To transform technology into solutions for our clients, enabling them to become more competitive in the globalized market. Collaborate with our clients to incorporate strategic and disruptive technologies into their workflows.


To be the largest Intelligent Video Analytics company in Brazil.


Security; Privacy; Quality; Ethics; Transparency; and Professional Development.