Privacy Policy


This privacy policy aims to establish the rules for the treatment of your collected data and to clarify METTA INNOVATIONS DESENVOLVIMENTO DE PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA LTDA’s commitment to ensuring the protection of personal data in accordance with current legislation.

METTA INNOVATIONS DESENVOLVIMENTO DE PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA LTDA acts as the controller of personal data for its partners, employees, and collaborators, as well as an operator when providing services within its business activities.

The controller/operator of the data is METTA INNOVATIONS DESENVOLVIMENTO DE PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA LTDA, registered under CNPJ number 25.247.625/0001-83, with headquarters at R. Nilo Peçanha, 50 – room 3115, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, referred to as METTA INNOVATIONS in this policy.

DEFINITIONS: The concepts adopted here are those defined in Article 5 of the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13,709/2018).

COLLECTED PERSONAL DATA: We collect personal data in accordance with the services to be developed by METTA INNOVATIONS for its clients, considering that the business activities include the development, training, consultancy, technical support, and promotion of sales of proprietary and third-party software focused on workplace safety.

In providing services to clients, METTA INNOVATIONS acts as an Operator in data processing, meaning we do not directly collect personal data from data subjects. The legal basis for data collection is determined by our Clients, who are the Controllers, based on the product or service provided. Clients share the necessary personal data for the purpose outlined in the contract between the companies, with clauses and information treated as confidential.

Collected Information: For the exercise of your rights, the validation of your identity through the provision of a copy of your ID or equivalent means of identification will be necessary. Any request submitted without providing the necessary data to prove the legitimacy of the data subject will be automatically rejected.

In compliance with current regulations, METTA INNOVATIONS will receive, investigate, and respond within the legal timeframe to any requests or complaints about the data processing.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: In the event of an incident involving personal data, METTA INNOVATIONS employees will immediately notify the Data Protection Officer, who will activate the information security department, report to the National Data Protection Authority, as well as the data subject and any controller involved. The Data Protection Officer will take measures to mitigate damages and reinforce security measures. Additionally, they will investigate the causes of the incident, determine responsibilities, and submit their findings to the Legal department.

TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Considering privacy, security, and the protection of personal data as fundamental values, METTA INNOVATIONS will periodically provide training and education to its employees on the necessary measures for strict compliance with the General Data Protection Law.

APPROVAL AND REVIEW OF PRIVACY POLICY: This policy, approved on 04/03/2022, by the Privacy and Data Protection Management Committee of METTA INNOVATIONS, is constantly updated to remain in compliance with current legislation and the processes adopted by the company.

Marco Aurélio Gonçalves da Silva

Data Protection Officer